The smpl SOS/Help Pendant Kit is a simple and expandable ‘call’ solution. This smpl kit includes an SOS/Help Pendant and a Pager. Receive Pager alerts when someone presses the Help button when you arer close by, within 250 ft. of the sensors.  Whether urgent help is required or they just need assistance, you can be there in seconds.

For example, receive alerts when Pendant button is pressed if a senior falls in the washroom or shower, or if a co-worker needs your help. The Pendant can be worn around the neck, or detach the neck strap and the Pendant becomes a fob, which easily fits in your pocket.

The smpl Pager is portable, clips to a belt or small enough to place in a pocket. The Pager will sound, vibrate and light up, alerting you wherever they are situated in around the home or business. The smpl Safety kit can help prevent seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s from wandering or falling, helps keep children, disabled and visually or hearing impaired persons safer. Also utilized in many business/work/office applications.