The smpl Radio & Music Player enables anyone, including seniors and those with significant cognitive decline or mobility issues, to enjoy music from their formative years, as well as the radio, again. The easy-to-operate Player helps engage daily usage without the shame of having to ask for help, by simply pressing the large centre button. 75 American Classics are preloaded on the included 8 GB USB stick, so your up and running right out of the box. Easily add or delete songs on the removable memory stick.

Numerous studies have shown that music, especially familiar music, improves cognizance (knowledge and awareness), lucidity (clarity of expression) and memory recall. The smpl Player promotes independent living, increase self-esteem and give recipients back their dignity. Ease caregivers stress by allowing more time for other tasks, knowing that their loved one’s can relax independently with their own music or listen to up to ten programmable radio stations